I have been using a rather expensive remote (gyration) for my home theater for a while and one of the buttons failed. Most remotes have a conductive pad under the rubber buttons that contacts a pattern on the printed circuit board (PCB) inside to form a switch. A dirty pad or contact is the most common cause of button failure, but can easily be cleaned with a lint-free cloth and isopropyl alochol. I fixed many remotes just by cleaning the crud (sticky soda, crumbs, dirt) clinging inside.

A second cause of failure is the pad on the rubber button. On poorly designed remotes the conductive coating can flake off. Some online vendors sell remote repair kits that let you reapply a conductive coating. The kit may cost more than the remote after you factor in shipping. The following shows how to fix a remote using household items.

Aluminum Foil
Gorilla Glue
Hobby Knife
Isopropyl Alcohol

1. Take appart the remote and clean both the pad the contact areas of the problem button with isopropyl alcohol.

2. Cut a small piece of aluminum foil with the hobby knife. The foil should just fit over the damaged pad.

3. Apply a small amount of glue to the damaged pad and carefully place foil on it. The foil should mold its shape to the contour of the button. Make sure the glue does not spill over to the area that would touch the PCB – otherwise it will not work.

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3 Responses to “Fix Remote Control Buttons”  

  1. 1 jaime

    You’r the Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. 2 Dean

    That looks to be a very good and cost effective process,I was going to try it too but after looking at the conductive side of the buttons on my remote they were too small(1/8″) for me to do it that way.

    I bought an $11 kit for rear window defogger repair and cleaned the contacts then applied/painted a thin coat of the conductive material from the kit,dried it for 5-6 hours directly(less than 1′) in front of an electric fan forced heater with 80-90F temp because I didn’t want to wait the recommended 24hrs. Worked like a charm but not sure how long it will last,just done within the last week.

  3. 3 Grant Pitel

    Can you pick that repair kit up locally? Autozone or Sears?

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