If you have ever used the the Electrical  Engineer Library included with Visio, you will quickly learn just how crappy it is. Symbols do not align to the grid, they contain long connectors, and the shapes are just plain unprofessional.  I believe the example image shown in Fig. 1 clearly explains my point. The circuit library I have been slowly building as a result could be useful to ECE students and practicing engineers.  If you are a student and your department is part of the Microsoft Development Network (MSDN), which most are, you can get Visio for free.


Fig.1 Why Visio Library Sucks

The advantages of the PitelSPOT Electrical Shape Library and the PitelSPOT Engineering Template are:

  • Symbols align to a 0.1″  grid. This grid work great for those small double column articles required in IEEE journals and conference papers.
  • The Engineering Template will setup the grids and snaps  for you. To use, go to File=> New=> New Drawing from Template=> then select PitelSPOTEngineeringTemplate.vst.
  • Symbols are minimal. Use the connector tool to join shapes.

The presently supported shapes are shown in Fig. 2.


Fig. 2. List of Included Electrical Symbols

Version History

The dowloads listed are for free. If  there is a symbol missing, make your request in the comments below. Bribes/gratitude in the form of donations are welcomed via the Paypal link below.

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7 Responses to “Visio Shapes and Engineering Template for Electrical Circuits”  

  1. 1 Natt

    Hello! Thanks for the awesome template and stencils. However, I am looking for a stencil set that contains dependent sources. Can you point me in the correct direction, please! Thanks, again.

  2. 2 Natt

    Never mind. I am retarded. :}

  3. 3 NHoyek


    I have the Visio 2007 Standard edition. I downloaded the files pitelspotengineeringtemplate.vsd and pitelspotelectricalsymbols.vsd but I only see a blank sheet when I open them. Any idea what’s going on? or how I can get the electrical symbols.

    Thank you

  4. 4 ashkan horri

    my version of visio is 2003,and i only see the blank page.please give me guide.
    thank you
    ashkan horri

  5. 5 Dash

    try to save it as .vss file and click Open Stensil in Visio. It should work.

  6. 6 Andy Braham

    Hey I just wanted to say thanks for actually providing a decent set of Shapes! Most of the junk on the net is either worthless or they try and charge you a arm and a leg just for a couple of shapes. Thanks Again!

  7. 7 Brandon

    Maybe I’m not seeing it but do you have 3,4, and 5 pin relays?

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