Revenge of the permalink errors.  A had a similar problem happen when I upgraded to 2.7.1, which I posted about here.

Downgrading to WordPress2.7.1 was really simple:

  • Download the previous version.
  • Drag the files into your WordPress installation directory.
  • Log-in into the admin menu.
  • WordPress will request to automatically update your database. Agree to the update.
  • Everything should be back to the way it was. It was for me.

Readers, keep me posted on when this major bug gets resolved. Thanks.


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4 Responses to “Downgrade to WordPress 2.8 – Revenge of the Permalink”  

  1. 1 Richard Foreman

    Did just that and still have a broken website. Glad to hear that you fixed your site, hope to do the same soon.

  2. 2 Grant Pitel

    Have you read my other post?

    Make sure that LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ is enabled in Apache setting file httpd.conf (that was what was wrong with my server).

  3. 3 Ian

    I really hope they get this fixed sometime soon its kinda stupid that this many people are haveing a permalink issue

  4. 4 Grant Pitel

    Permalink problem popped up again unexpectedly. I fixed it this time by disabling all the plugins. Then enabling only the ones that I needed

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