Totally awesome.

The above sums up how I describe my new cell phone, the latest electronic toy added to our menagerie. After  years of merely getting by with a free Motorola Razr, I am now living large with a Nokia N85. As with most Nokia phones worth owning, the N85 is not available from AT & T. It can be purchased unlocked from various online retailers such as

Oh N85, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways cheap bounce house for sale.

  1. The stunning OLED screen is excellent for viewing videos and pictures or playing games.
  2. The combination of FM transmitter and standard headphone jack also makes the N85 a capable music player.
  3. Two cameras are included, the important one being a 5MP camera with dual LED flash and Carl Zeiss lens.  This lens is protected by a  sliding lens cover that also immediately opens the photography software when engaged. As seen below, the N85′s camera particularly shines in macro shots.
  4. The N85 can also record DVD-quality video (640 x 480 resolution).
  5. An 8 GB microSD card is included, though that is not explicitly stated on’s website. This is more than enough space to hold all of my music, videos, and photographs. At least for now.
  6. I was pleasantly surprised by how small and light the phone is, given all its features.

05042009003   05052006023   05042009010  

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4 Responses to “Nokia N85 Sample Pictures”  

  1. 1 Adam Pitel

    These pictures are remarkable. I can’t believe the quality of these coming from a phone!

  2. 2 Baptiste

    I had the N85 for two months and even if I recognised the overall quality of this phone, it was too bugy and change it for the 5800, which offers me a better firmware stability.
    Nice pictures by the way.

  3. 3 Sheryl

    Thanks for commenting! So far I have not had a problem with the software, but I have only had the phone for about two weeks. I hope I don’t have any issues because I love the camera on this phone!

    In truth I bought it 100% for the camera. I was only considering phones with 5 MP or 8 MP cameras, so the choices were between a few Nokia, Samsung, and Sony phones. I viewed sample pictures and was most impressed by Nokia (plus the Sony phone does not have GPS), so the tough part was deciding between N85, N82, or N79. I opted for the N85 mostly due to the slider configuration, though it was hard to pass up the xenon flash on the N82.

  4. 4 Grant Pitel

    That camera phone is sick. I just wish consumers would realize that its not about megapixels, it is about the quality camera optics and CCD sensor size. The smaller CCD sensors have much smaller signal to noise ratios, which create noisy pictures.

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