envelope_sm1.jpgI don’t remember how long it has been since Grant lost his car and house keys, and to be honest, it’s been so long that we totally forgot about it. Until yesterday, that is, when a mysterious package arrived in the mail from Iowa. The return address was ScoreCard Customer Care, and it contained the long-lost keys!

Between retail and grocery stores we have accumulated quite a number of store benefit cards in our wallets or on our keychains. Did you ever notice  there is a line that says something like, “If found, drop in a mailbox…” or “If found, take to your nearest [insert store name here]“ on the back of store keychain cards? I hadn’t really thought anything of it. Now I know at least one store is actually serious about this service. I made sure to put my own Dick’s Score Card keychain back on my keys, plus a few more that offer key return, just in case. Applause to Dick’s, and to whoever brought them the keys! Thank you wherever you are.

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