Today our dog Bode, the mascot of PitelSpot,  celebrated his 10th birthday. That makes him 70 in dog years, therefore he is now officially retired, and about old enough to be my grandfather.  To celebrate the occasion I decided to make him a nice breakfast of a few of his favorite ”people foods.” I must admit that making a tiny cheese omelet was fun. The pop can is for scale. Naturally the whole process was documented.

Bode-sized omelet. Pop can is for scale.Cheddar cheese added. And it is folded.

He was also given two of his other favorites: orange slices and cooked green peas. I cut everything into tiny pieces since he practically inhales anything that is not dog food. Of course he is not normally allowed to eat from the table–this is a special occasion. And although I know he has no problem with getting on the kitchen table when we are not home, he actually hesitated to eat his small feast with us around.

The finished omelet and two of his other favorites, peas and orange slices.Finally his breakfast is ready.Here is the birthday boy and his special breakfast.

Here you can see him eyeing the omelet. Once he built up the courage to start eating, the omelet was gone so fast that I did not have the opportunity to photograph him enjoying it. After the omelet was done he moved on to the peas, and a number of them “escaped” while he was eating.

You can see him eyeing the omelet. And the omelet was gone in a flash! Next he moved on to the peas, and made a mess in the process.

Finally he finished with the oranges, and after the plate was spotless, he cleaned off his place mat.

 And then he eats a few of the oranges.And now the plate is clean.So he finishes cleaning up.

The best part was that when he was done, he actually wiped his paw on the napkin!

Finally he

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3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Bode”  

  1. 1 Brett

    Happy Birthday Bode!

    Nice set of birthday pictures. One question though, why no cake?

  2. 2 Brett

    I did some thinking. I think Bode had a cold birthday breakfast. Considering the whole documentation process took some time. I think Bode deserves an hot unbirthday breakfast.

  3. 3 Sheryl

    You’ll be pleased to know that on the last two weekends we had pancakes for breakfast, we made him his own Bode-sized pancake with peanut butter chips :-D

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