The attached zip file is a plot utility geared for scientific figures in publications. The plot utility sizes figures and text consistently and compactly; something the default Matlab plot function does do readily. Formatting rules were originally developed for IEEE publications and thus adheres to their specified conventions.

Figures can span one or two columns.
Multiple traces per plot window.
Multiple plot windows per figure.
Makes efficient use of figure area.
Scales x and y data and their axes.
Figures dimensions are in inches.

SciPlot consists of two script files, Settings.m, where the user specifies xy-axis data and figure properties and SciPlot.m, which interprets Settings.m and generates the actual plots. SciPlot accommodates different data length by storing the data in cells. Plot windows are stored in a cell and traces are stored in arrays. To generate a plot, edit Settings.m, by specifying your xy data and figure labels. Then run SciPlot to generate the plots. Examples are enclosed in the zip file under the folders EX1 and EX2, please refer to them if you need more help on editing Settings.m. I have the posted figures generated these two examples below.

Fig. 1. One column figure (actual size, example given in EX1)

Fig. 2. Two column figure (size reduced 50%, example given in EX2)

Frequency of updates will depend on the amount of feedback left in the comments section. Your comments will remind me that people do use this plot utility and will help me prioritize revisions. I have posted a few of my own ideas below. Please contribute your own ideas or support those listed.

  • A GUI that assists in writing Settings.m files.
  • adjust y labels, they sometimes overlap.
  • Better error handling.
  • Make legend outside horizantal when in 1 column mode and inside when in 2 column vertical mode
  • Postscript font fix. Make an EPS with fonts other than Helvetica .
  • Make cell structure in Settings.m more consistent.

Revision History
08/20/2007 Scientific Plot Utility Version 0.1: first release.
12/07/2007 Scientific Plot Utilitiy Version 0.2: settings files are much cleaner. Can now plot windows with different numbers of traces. Saves to EPS with the correct font (Thanks J. Aumento).

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