Ever since staying at the W Hotel in NYC, I’ve wanted to grow the grass that they have throughout their lobby. The grass is very green and I figured it would make a great desk/office plant. However, determining what type of grass it is has been quite difficult. I ended up buying organic barley grass seeds from The Sprout House. Most people grow barley grass or wheatgrass to grind into a health juice of highly concentrated nutirents. I chose barley grass over the wheat grass because it is more uncommon and I liked the coloring better. Growing it for a desk plant is pretty uncommon, so the minimum quantity I could buy was a pound.

The germinate, I soaked the seeds in water for 24 hrs. Afterwards, I scattered a healthy amount of seeds on the soil’s surface. Using a spray can, I sprayed it with a lot of water a few times a day, making sure the pot had holes in the bottom for drainage. I woke up the next morning after planting the seeds and it had already begun rooting. When I got home from work, there were sprouts. I was amazed at the barley grass’ rate of growth. You could almost watch it grow it was going so fast. After about a week’s time, I trimmed the grass so only 1-1.5 inches were showing.

Below are some pictures of the barley grass with the corresponding time of its growth labeled:

Barley Grass – 0 Days

Barley Grass - 0 Days
Barley Grass – 2 Days
Barley Grass - 2 Days
Barley Grass – 4 Days
Barley Grass - 4 Days
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2 Responses to “Summer Plant Projects Part II – Barley Grass”  

  1. 1 Sheryl

    Can you send me some of that barley grass seed? :)

  2. 2 Mahmood

    Dear Sirs, Pleased starting our relationship in the field of Barley Grass Growing systems, >
    In Fact i ahve my own small projects( Home made) but my Dream to build our commercial project to produce the Green Fodder.
    If any one have a good experience and can suggest me ( How to make Barly grow within 5 days ), Please let me know
    Best Regards
    Iraq, Basrah

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