MS Command Line There are plugins for uTorrent and Azureus to automate television show downloads.  There are instructions all over the internet on how to set this up.  A problem with most Torrent clients is that they dump all downoads into one folder, which quickly becomes cluttered, and if you have a HTPC, difficult to navigate.  However, with Windows Scheduled Task and some simple command lines, you can periodically organize these files by following these steps:

  1. Download the example batch file, SortTV, which contains command lines to move some shows I watch.  Otherwise create your own batch process from scratch.
  2. Place SortTV.bat where your torrent client stores its completed files.
  3. Create file folders, in the same location for all your shows.
  4. Edit SortTV.bat so that the names match the folders you created.
  5. Go to Start=>Control Panel=>Scheduled Tasks and schedule SortTV.bat to execute at desired intervals.
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3 Responses to “Move Torrent Shows Automatically Into File Folders”  

  1. 1 Adam Pitel

    At least in utorrent, you can configure independently where each show should download to. How does this solution differ?

  2. 2 Grant Pitel

    The azuerus plugin does not let you do that, however, if utorrent does this nativley I think I am going to switch.

  3. 3 Grant Pitel

    It seems that uTorrent has much better support for RSS downloads. This sorting method is still valid for other torrent clients and works for files other than TV shows.

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