Just in case anybody managed to miss this when it was in the news last year.

Sebastian the Persian cat was given two gold crowns to protect his bottom canine teeth, which protrude from his mouth due to a severe underbite. This was done because his owner, a dentist, wanted to protect the teeth, and also because it would look really cool.


Looking at this photo again made me think of the movie 300; specifically, seeing the gold on Sebastian gave me flashbacks of the quirky Xerxes. I suppose last week’s South Park poking fun at 300 also helped jog my memory. So if you believe the media, even felines are not immune to a Persian fascination with bling.

Confounded by the spelling of Xerxes (I initially used an “i” rather than “e”), I looked up the movie on IMDB. Amazingly, the actor Rodrigo Santoro, who played Xerxes in 300, is the very same guy who played the wimpy Paolo on Lost. No way! I couldn’t believe it.

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2 Responses to “Kitty bling ramblings”  

  1. 1 Grant Pitel

    I believe golden crowns look much better on Bode

  2. 2 Adam Pitel

    The Paolo link is the best part, crazy…

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