I’ve been hard at work on this year’s Engineering Week Video for the Electrical Engineers. Every year during Engineering Week, the different schools within the College of Engineering at Bucknell compete in a series of competitions for the Golden Hammer. These competitions span the entire week, including events like Textbook Toss, Poetry and Artwork Contest, Scavenger Hunt, and so on. The week culminates with a huge dinner for all the Engineers, Professors, and Engineering Alumni. During this dinner, they reveal the winner of the video contest, the highest valued event. In addition, they show the top three videos at the dinner.

This year, we did a play off of Beauty and the Geek, where the geeks were actually competing FOR the beauty, rather than with. This was my first experience with green screening; I was pretty happy with the results. Each of the ge485ek characters were written from the heart. Big thanks to everyone who was involved in this project. With all that being said, below is the video entry for the Electrical Engineers.

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One Response to “Engineering Week Video 2007”  

  1. 1 Eric Schweitzer

    Adam I loved the film…

    It’s always nice when you win the good look’n girl in the end.

    Cousin Eric

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