For Cat Haters


With all the PETA posts, I figured I would give my two cents. 


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3 Responses to “For Cat Haters”  

  1. 1 vanesa

    GRANTTT!!!! I will never look at you the same way. BAD, BAD, GRANT!

  2. 2 alex

    good comercial,i will slaughter a cat this sunday. it wil die a slow and painfull death. first i’m gonna tie it up then i’m gonna restrict the blood fw to the extremitys so that i can cut them off without the animall bleeding to death, that’s no fun….yet, then ‘ll split it’s chest apart and pore in vinegre then i’ll remove it’s eyes an set it on fire an you can’t do anything to stop me!

  3. 3 Sheryl

    Um…Not even sure where to start with that one. Their use of the English language is apparently as dysfunctional as their morall compass.

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