Keurig BrewerI was amazed with the quality of coffee from Keurig’s single cup brewer when I tried it. I used the B100 Brewer when I was working at Magna-Power Electronics. Before I returned to school that following fall, I purchased the B50 home brewer and have been thrilled with it at college. I have now owned it a litte more than a year I have tried quite a few coffees. I wanted to share which I like and which I don’t like. Some coffee I feel woud be good if it was brewed from fresh beans and just did not turn out well as a k-cup.  Your best bet, if you’re unsure of what coffee you want, buy a variety pack.  Almost every brand offers a variety pack, so you can get a feel for the different blends from each brand.  I buy all my coffee from They’re a great place to buy single-cup pods and they offer a pretty wide selection.  Better yet, the prices are $3-$4 below retail for each box, they offer free shipping on orders of $75 (though my order of $45 only cost $4 to ship), they have a great selection, and they ship out of NJ, which is convenient for me.

Updated: 01/11/09

Favorites – Must try
Green Mountain Lake & Lodge
Green Mountain Hazelnut Dark Roast
Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold
Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry (best flavored coffee I’ve had, even non-coffee drinkers love this one)
Green Mountain Dark Magic Extra Bold (VERY dark)
Green Mountain Kenya AA
Tully’s Breakfast Blend
Tully’s Kona Blend
Tully’s Full City Roast

Good Blends – Your average cup of joe
Caribou Coffee (all)
Gloria Jean’s Cappuccino
Gloria Jean’s French Vanilla
Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut
Gloria Jean’s Special Blend
Green Mountain Breakfast Blend
Green Mountain Rain Forest Nut
Green Mountain Southern Pecan
Timothy’s Mocha Java
Tully’s French Roast (VERY strong)

Worst K-Cups – Avoid like the plague
ALL Coffee People K-Cups
Gloria Jean’s Irish Cream
Green Mountain Mocha Nut Fudge

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2 Responses to “Best Keurig K-Cups to Buy”  

  1. 1 carl

    thx for the list. it takes some time to figure out which k-cup is right for you. there are some losers out there for sure.

    Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold and Tully’s Kona are by far my faves. Strong and rich yet not acidic or biting. very smoothe.

    great list!

  2. 2 Steve

    I will start my comment out with the qualifier that everyone’s taste for coffee is subjective and that is why there are so many different brands of k cups. Try them out, try many different ones and determine what you like the best.

    I agree with Adam’s must try list but I would add Coffee People’s Donut Shop coffee to that list. I do agree with the exception of Donut Shop coffee, that I do not care at all for any of the Coffee People’s other brands.

    Good luck and have fun with your coffee tasting.

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